Art Director

Art Director

Art Director

Full-Time - Encinitas, CA
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Metajive is looking for a talented Art Director

With a background in design, strategy, or tech, you are a visionary creative who can conceptualize ideas that push brands and products forward for both big and small companies.
You are able to balance team and client needs while autonomously ensuring project progress and success. Ideation, strategic thinking, and communication are your strong suits, and you inspire people around you. You are the driving force behind great looking work that actually works. Work with us to do something we’ve never done.

You Should have:
  • Experience with clients at tech and/or Fortune 500 companies
  • 7+ years experience leading creative work
  • Management of 5+ team members
  • A deep understanding of strategy, UX, visual design and technology thinking
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
What we give you:
  • Competitive Salary
  • Medical benefits
  • Paid Holiday and Time off!
  • A trendy French Bulldog to take selfies with everyday!

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